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Skillsplus Solutions Management & Training Consultants

Skillsplus Solutions is a mobile training provider registered and accredited with the Department of Higher Education & Training (2011/FE07/102), UMALUSI and the Services SETA (SETQAA No. 2076). We recognise the importance of entrepreneurial development and a number of courses are available for small business owners who want to improve their managerial skills and gain a better understanding of the business environment in which they operate. Life skills and capacity building training is available for participants who want to integrate successfully into modern society or contribute in a meaningful way to their community. Management and supervisory development courses are available for established businesses that require career and personal development for their employees. These courses provide participants with a better understanding of the dynamics that drive successful businesses and equips the learner with the essential life skills to gain a better understanding of the business environment.

New Venture Creation Qualification

The purpose of this qualification is to provide entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in the small, medium and micro enterprise (SMME) sector with the technical, business, managerial and personal skills to create and sustain a business. The qualification is part of the National Qualification Framework and is available to individuals who do not have formal training and are working in, or wish to work in or manage a SMME business.

The New Venture Creation Learnership is a 12 month practical and theoretical training programme that allows the learner access to and mobility within the SMME sector. The qualification meets the needs of society by providing the entrepreneur with the skills to improve personal circumstances thereby contributing to the upliftment of communities.
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Management Development and Supervisory Training

Management development focuses on managers and front-line supervisors who wish to expand their business knowledge. The short courses enable the manager and the supervisor to apply important business principles in support of the strategies of the business.

Supervisory training introduces the principles of management to employees who have already acquired functional skills and now wish to gain a better understanding of how a business functions.

Business and Entrepreneurial Training

The short courses for entrepreneurs provides participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to establish, promote, and expand sustainable small and medium enterprises. The courses will benefit prospective entrepreneurs who are keen to start a small business, or existing small business owners who want to improve their business knowledge and life skills.

Community Support Training

The short courses in community support will provide community based workers with the skills to train their peers and to create a better understanding of HIV/AIDS. Participants are introduced to the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS and the affects of the pandemic on their community.

Learners will also gain managerial expertise, administrative capabilities and life skills that can be applied in a small business or in a community based project.A number of short courses have been developed to capacitate individuals who wish to contribute in a meaningful way to their community.